Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Papa's Housewarming.

Okay, here’s my first post, and I already feel out of my depth in what is very much the shallow end of the blog-tech pool.  I’m sure I’ll become more tech-savvy as I go, but in the meantime, bear with me children, papa’s got a brand new blog (awful) and he doesn’t know how to work the zip.

My name’s Darren, and I write psychological urban fantasy, supernatural suspense, cerebral horror – pick one, they all apply.  On the 5th of May 2011 Snowbooks will be publishing my debut novel, Dark Heart: The Purgatory of Leo Stamp, and I’m a little bit giddy about it.  Whether it’s received well or not, seeing DH on a shelf in Waterstones will be the physical proof that all the years spent writing and re-writing were not in vain.  And I do mean years. 

I think it’s fair to say that most writers struggle to find a home for their first novel.  It’s a learning curve – part of the process a writer needs to improve his or her work.  Most writers (the clever ones) dust themselves off and get on with the next story, and the next if need be, each time moving closer to ‘good enough’ and beyond.  I just couldn’t do it.  I’d invested too much in this one story.  If DH had been a two-bed semi, Sarah Beeny would’ve advised me to cut my losses and move on, but goddammit I loved that house.  Maybe if I knocked down that wall, took out those poncy gold taps?  Nope.  Still looks like a squat.  But maybe…?

It turns out that I’ve gutted that house so many times now I can barely remember the old place, and although the foundations are the same, in a sense it’s a different house, and I did move on after all. 

So on May 5th I’m having a housewarming and you’re all invited - just make sure you wipe your feet on the way in - Leo hates the mess.