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A guide to writing a thriller

Authors who write thriller stories have to consider several factors that are unique to the genre. First of all, there is the need to devise a plot that keeps the reader hooked and makes the story into a real page-turner. This means that there generally has to be more action than in some other types of novels. This pacing is the most important thing in a thriller novel as, without it, the reader's expectations will not be met, and they will struggle to keep up with the plot.

Planning out a thriller

Before starting work on a thriller, it's a good idea to plan out the story and the key character arcs and refer back to the plan at frequent intervals while writing. Without this tight discipline in the writing process, it's easy for a thriller to become baggy and disjointed and for the plot to wander away from the action. Writers of thriller stories are among the most disciplined of authors as they have to stick to a strict structure and form of pacing that other types of author do not. Thrillers also tend to be of a moderate length. It is difficult to keep up the type of pacing and writing style required for a thriller over a long length, so books of around 200-300 pages are the norm.

Authors who stick to this formula tend to be the most successful thriller writers and can often write a prodigious number of novels in a short period of time once they have established their style.